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Increasing global demand for organic food products

Organic Food Industry

As the global population increases, so does the demand for organic production

Consumer demand for organically produced goods has grown continuously since USDA established national standards for organic production and processing in 2002. Worldwide demand is keeping up with the US demand. Industry analysts estimate that U.S. organic food sales were $28 billion in 2012 (over 4 percent of total at-home food sales), up 11 percent from 2011. The European Organic market represented 22.8 billion euros in 2012, 6% more than in 2011.

Sales of organic packaged food in the Middle East reached $4.2 billion in 2013, according to the latest UN Comtrade report. Euromonitor International forcasts that retail sales will grow by 31 per cent in 2018. Produce is the top category of organic sales and organic ingredients are an important draw for many restaurants. Asia is an even larger market.

One Pod is capable of producing 40,000 pounds of blackberries or strawberries in one year. Right now in Kuala Lumpur berries are selling from 15 to 25 dollars a pound to Hotels. That means that an average of 20 dollars per pound would create 800,000 dollars a year from one Pod.

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Custom made systems to accommdate a range of growth requirements

The overheads depends on where in the world you are growing. We have systems that remove the dependence on local utilities for water and electricity. In the right location overheads can be nothing more than seeds, fertilizer, and a part time grower.

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