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Reducing our carbon footprint

Carbon Footprint

Environmentally kind and financially profitable

Fuel to work the traditional farm combined with fuel used to transport our food thousands of miles from where it is grown add up to staggering costs. Healthy foods, especially the one's produced without the use of chemicals are becoming cost prohibitive. Enviro-Pods will significantly reduce the carbon footprint by eliminating the use of excessive fuel.

The future of farming is both indoor and vertical in highly productive and controlled environments. This new era of farming technology is needed to feed our world's population while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint, generating higher yields and producing a higher quality more nutritious product. Each Enviro-Pod can grow between five and seven thousand plants depending on the vegetable. These crops can be continually harvested up to thirty times a year.

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Cost efficient production

By growing the equivalent of nearly an acre of produce in a single shipping container, our incredible crop density makes every step, from seed to harvest, far more efficient than any other agricultural technique. Our systems reduce cost and improve quality while answering the strong and growing demand for locally produced foods.

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