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Welcome to the world of Unique Grow Pacific

Unique Grow Pacific

Proprietary stand alone hydroponic growing environments

Unique Grow Pacific represents proprietary stand alone hydroponic growing environments to the Pacific and the Middle East. These revolutionary state of the art growing environments are manufactured in accordance to UGP guidelines and specifications.

UGP repurposes forty foot steel shipping containers and converts them to self-contained, insulated, solarized, bug free, pesticide free, heated, cooled, LED lighted hydroponic growing facilities that can be managed from a computer or phone. These units are therefore completely off the grid.

Each Enviro-Pod is equipped with a proprietary control system that almost eliminates the need for a full time grower. A positive pressure environment creates a natural barrier against pests and disease. Each Pod can grow between five and seven thousand plants depending on the vegetable. These crops can be continually harvested up to thirty times a year.

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We produce all-weather fresh produce

UGP Enviro-Pods are capable of growing leafy green vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and certain types of berries all year without regard to weather and remain free from pests and disease. "Culture Centers" which have between twenty and forty Enviro-Pods are built in locations that are close to the customer base thereby creating savings on shipping cost.

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